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Information for new members

Joining the club

First things first - we would be delighted if you played for us. So please don’t hold back from applying to play in matches. You don’t need to be a member to play for the club. Sooner or later we may ask you to complete a membership application form but this is not required before playing your first game. New players become candidates for membership. At the end of each season the club committee reviews all candidates and votes on their election to membership. This is little more than an administrative procedure and in practice candidates are rarely refused membership.


Membership fees

Once you are elected you simply pay the annual subscription, which is currently £20. Membership fees are so low because we are a wandering club without a ground to maintain. All our fixtures are “away” games.

Applying to play in games

Our team for each game is organised by a match manager. You should apply direct to him if you wish to play. Match manager contact details are on this site.


We try to have teams in place at least a couple of weeks before each game. So please apply as early in the season as possible. But don’t let this put you off contacting match managers at the last minute if you suddenly become available - as we often struggle to fill the last few places.


Last minute drop-outs are the main reason for this. They are the bane of match managers’ lives as it is difficult to find replacements just before a game. An application to play in a game is a firm commitment and you will be extremely unpopular if you subsequently drop out without good reason.


The match manager will send you a team list before the game which will also give directions to the ground. If you need a lift contact the match manager and he will suggest team members who may be able to help.

What it costs

After the game the match manager will collect match fees. These are £8 to cover match expenses (balls, umpires, etc), plus the cost of tea and (usually) a beer kitty.

Any questions? Committee members and match managers will be delighted to help.


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