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Report: Students deliver lesson at Jesus

Jesters 189-8 dec (Hudson 61, A Smith 36)

Jesus 190-3

We had no real answer to William van der Byl (4-33 & 104*), who bowled with some venom before battering our attack to all parts. Two late wickets made this seven wicket defeat look slightly less emphatic than it actually was. Consecutive reverse sweeps for four by Robbie Hudson (61) were two of few highlights for the Jesters, but match manager Ollie Doward attempts to find more in a full match report below...


Although Jesters were well and truly thumped by Jesuans, there were several moments to celebrate.

The first came shortly after Robbie Hudson and Louis Harris strode out to open the innings. Louis' eyes lit up at a loosener outside off and the resultant uppercut flew straight and true to fellow Jesters Vasanth Padaki, who was making up the numbers for the students on the third man boundary. After an authentic looking juggle, the chance was shelled!

Our 189 was a doughty struggle in the face of some sharp and accurate bowling from the aforementioned South African man mountain van der Byl. Hudson's patient 61 stood out with late impetus provided by Alex Smith and John Murphy, who typically only needed one sighter against van der Byl before a trademark one bounce straight driven four.

The Jesus chase was dominated by the hard hitting van der Byl (104*), who was very fortunate early on against Ros Atkins, but once set smote the ball to all parts. We were flattered by a couple of late strikes including a maiden Jesters wicket for secret weapon Rowan Clapp.

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