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Dickie Nelson & David Broster

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of two Jesters stalwarts - Richard Nelson, at 91, and David Broster.

Richard joined the club in 1957 and played until the early 1980s. He was a very hard hitting left handed batsman. He was briefly a committee member (1966-69).

Club president John Burmester says: “Dickie Nelson was above all a true Jester in every sense - he loved his cricket but never let ambition get ahead of enjoyment.”

Fellow Jester Richard Johnson adds: "Dick was a ruddy-faced, chunky, pugilistic left-hand bat and wicket-keeper who seemed to wear a permanent smile and played with an enormous sense of enjoyment. I always think of him - and Terry Trevessey* - as true cavaliers.”

Dickie’s widow Norma, who relayed the news of Richard’s peaceful passing, has many happy memories of watching Jesters cricket in around 1964 with her twin girls and son (who are now in their fifties).

David Broster joined the Jesters in 1968 and was Match Secretary for a long time from 1977-90. David was a good off-spinner and in his younger days a useful middle order bat. He was a consistent performer in the 1970s, taking a Jesters best of 8-34 and often contributing with the bat. “He was a gentle giant”, says Andrew Short, “warm and friendly, quite quiet and seemingly always with a smile on his face.”

Frank Langan says: “I knew David and what a lovely man he was. I felt he encouraged those of all ages both on and off the field. So full of enthusiasm and kindness.”

Our thoughts are with both families and we will keep both men front of mind as we take the field this season.

* Terry Trevessey was a larger than life Cornish Jester who bowled leg-spin and hit the ball a very long way. He passed away in the 1990s.

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