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Four out of four (defeats) on tour!

Jesters made it a clean sweep in this year's Dorset (and Wiltshire) tour by losing all four fixtures. Nonetheless it was a hugely enjoyable four days with fabulous hospitality by each of our hosts, and three of the four games could easily have gone the other way.

Jesters CC 251-7d (Sachin Rawson 64, Lewis 52, Verma 43)

Portsmouth 252-7 (Lewis 3-56)

Lost by 3 wickets

Bryanston Butterflies 260-6d (Clapp 3-43)

Jesters CC 166 all out (Sachin Rawson 30)

Lost by 94 runs

Jesters CC 215-7d (Saj Zaib 116*)

Canford Cygnets 216-7 (Donkers 4-53)

Lost by 3 wickets

Wiltshire Queries 210-7d (Shah 3-56)

Jesters CC 158 all out (Doward 40)

Lost by 52 runs

Jesters Tour squad: Simon Rawson, Sachin Rawson, Alex Smith, Santosh Verma, Rowan Clapp, James Whittock, Rob Harrison, Ollie Doward, Saj Zaib, Max Lewis, Paul Woolf, Ben Donkers, Angus Hazelton, Kaval Shah


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